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Active Sound MP3 Sunglasses
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Part Number : ASMP3SG1G
Quick Find Code : 32799

activesound MP3 sunglasses deliver superb, high quality sound and are the ultimate in hi-tech convenience.

They provide the ability to listen to music without wires getting in the way just slip on the glasses, extend the tiny earphone speakers to fit your ears, press the ‘play’ button and immerse yourself in your favourite sounds or catch up on the latest podcast.. If you need to talk or listen to something it's quick and easy to swing the earphone speakers out of the way.

activesound is a great solution for anyone who wants to listen to music while they chill out on the beach, workout, climb, cycle, run, ski, snow-board or ….well almost anywhere. activesound uses 1GB of solid state memory (approximately 240 songs) so it is completely skip free. If you want the latest, coolest, hi-tech kit get activesound!

The idea behind activesound is mobility. There are no wires; everything is built into the frames. Two multi adjustable earphone speakers move on retractable shafts to fit to your ears and an unobtrusive high-speed USB socket is provided to enable connection to your computer.

The sunglasses come with distortion free polycarbonate lenses which filter out 100% of harmful UVB and UVA, are optically correct for driving, traffic light signals and overall light transmission. They are light weight, at just under 50g, as well as strong and they meet or exceed EN 1836.2005 and ANSI Z 80.2-2001 standards.

The sunglasses are designed with a flip-up feature so if you need to you can instantly clear your vision, great if you are driving or cycling.


ISL-SG100 High specification Sunglasses with built-in 1GB MP3 player

Absolute freedom of movement with no wires or cords to tangle, dangle, or get in the way. Great for the beach, cycling, jogging, walking, driving (flip-up lenses aid safety) and many other pursuits.


1GB flash memory storage

24-bit Harvard architecture DSP with 18-bit Sigma Delta ADC and a Sigma Delta DAC for premium audio fidelity

Up to 4 hours of playback time, 2 - 3 hours recharge time
High quality ear phones with six directions of movement for a fully adjustable fit

Lens contours that maximize protection against sun, wind and side impact

Distortion free lenses to give you razor-sharp vision at all angles of view

Special lens material to filter out 100% of all UVA and UVB

Materials that meet or exceed EN 1836.2005 and ANSI Z
80.2-2001 standards for optical clarity and impact resistance

Durable and lightweight frame material

Built-in Lithium-Ion battery, dual function USB/re-charge socket

Control your Music

Easy to use interface that gives you instant access and full control of your music

Compatible with MP3 file formats (Windows & MAC compatible)

Included Hi-Speed USB 2.0 cable for transferring song files from Mac or Windows PC

CE marked, RoHS compliant, 1 year warranty


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